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“Bloodline” 1979 Movie (Ursula Buchfellner scene cut)


“Bloodline” is a R-Rated 116 minute Crime | Drama | Mystery | Romance | Thriller that Ursula Buchfellner would have been in, but her scene was cut.

When her father is murdered, a cosmetics heiress becomes the next target of an unknown killer amid the international jet set.

Based on the thrilling best-selling novel by Sidney Sheldon, Audrey Hepburn stars as Elizabeth Roffe, a strong, intelligent woman who inherits her family’s pharmaceutical empire from her father when he is killed in a mysterious accident. The investigation into her father’s death unearths a murder in which everyone around her becomes a suspect. As she searches for the truth that leads her on an international chase, she soon finds her life in danger.

Sam Roffe, president of a multi-national pharmaceutical corporation, is killed while mountain-climbing. It is first determined to be an accident, but Inspector Max Hormung later deduces that Roffe was murdered. Sam’s daughter Elizabeth assumes control of the company, and while traveling through Europe she immediately becomes a target as well. Suspicion falls on the Roffe cousins, all of whom want to go public with the company and sell their stock at a huge profit. Since this would be against her father’s wishes, Elizabeth rejects their advice and decides to keep the company within the family. As Inspector Hormung investigates the background of the cousins, more attempts are made on Elizabeth’s life. Hoping to reveal the guilty party, Hormung is able to connect these attempts to a series of murders on prostitutes, which are recorded on snuff films.

Sam Roffe, President of Roffe & Sons Pharmaceuticals, dies in what appears to be a climbing accident, leaving his daughter Elizabeth (Audrey Hepburn) a billion-dollar empire. Roffe’s board members see an opportunity to settle old scores, jockey for higher position, and reap lucrative profits. However, an investigation into Sam’s death discloses that it was a murder and that a power struggle is going on within the company. Lead investigator Max Hornung (Gert Fröbe) informs Elizabeth of his list of suspects, which includes her closest advisers and financially strapped family members. During this time, she marries CEO Rhys Williams (Ben Gazzara), but he, too, is identified by Hornung as a suspect. As president, Elizabeth follows her father’s wishes and refuses to let shares of Roffe & Sons sell on the world market. Her choice prevents the board members from selling their shares as the company’s by-laws prohibit it until all boardmembers agree; on the other hand, her death would allow for a unanimous decision. After several attempts on her life, an international chase across Europe ensues. Hornung is able to connect these murder attempts to a series of homicides of prostitutes, which have been recorded on snuff films by one of the shareholders, Sir Alec Nichols (James Mason). Elizabeth heads to Italy for protection from the murderer, who sets her house on fire while she is sleeping there. Both Williams and Nichols show up to save her, but Hornung figures out that Nichols is the killer and shoots him before he can film Elizabeth’s murder in another snuff film.

The part of Elizabeth Roffe was turned down by Candice Bergen, Jacqueline Bisset and Diane Keaton before Audrey Hepburn accepted, and the character’s age was changed from 23 to 35 although Audrey was actually in her 50’s. This was Audrey Hepburn’s only R-Rated movie.

It is said that Ursula Buchfellner’s part as a murder victim was cut from the film but I haven’t seen it to deny or agree with that assertion.

Audrey Hepburn as Elizabeth Roffe
Ben Gazzara as Rhys Williams
James Mason as Sir Alec Nichols
Claudia Mori as Donatella
Irene Papas as Simonetta Palazzi
Michelle Phillips as Vivian Nichols
Maurice Ronet as Charles Martin
Romy Schneider as Hélène Martin
Omar Sharif as Ivo Palazzi
Beatrice Straight as Kate Erling
Gert Fröbe as Inspector Max Hornung
Marcel Bozzuffi as Man in Black
Pinkas Braun as Dr. Wal
Ivan Desny as Jeweller
Vadim Glowna as Dr. Joeppli
Walter Kohut as Krauss
Wolfgang Preiss as Julius Prager
Hans von Borsody, as Peasant Guard

Plot Keywords:
snuff film, heiress, murder, naked killer, prostitution, naked dead woman, female nudity, nude woman murdered, female protagonist, topless female nudity, dead woman with eyes open, strangulation, woman strangled to death, strangled while having sex, male rear nudity, nudity, man strangles woman, based on novel, independent film

Director: Terence Young
Writers: Laird Koenig, Sidney Sheldon (novel)
Stars: Audrey Hepburn, Ben Gazzara, James Mason

Certifications: Australia:M / Australia:MA (DVD re-rating) / Finland:K-16 / Iceland:16 / New Zealand:R16 / Norway:16 / UK:X (original release) (cut) / UK:18 (video rating) / USA:R / West Germany:16

Release Dates:
USA 29 June 1979
West Germany 20 December 1979
France 16 January 1980
Denmark 18 January 1980
Finland 18 January 1980
Australia 25 January 1980
Japan 26 January 1980
Colombia 14 February 1980
Mexico 21 February 1980
Portugal 7 March 1980
Norway 21 March 1980
Philippines 22 April 1980 (Davao)
Hungary 22 October 1981
Turkey October 1983
Germany 4 February 1991 (TV premiere)

Also Known As (AKA)
(original title) Bloodline
Sidney Sheldon’s Bloodline
Brazil A Herdeira
Denmark Kviksand
Spain Lazos de sangre
Finland Veren perintö
France Liés par le sang
Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Grammi aimatos
Hungary Vérvonal
Italy Linea di sangue
Mexico Lazos de sangre
Norway Farlig arv
Poland Krwawa linia
Portugal Laços de Sangue
Turkey (Turkish title) Mirasçilar
West Germany Blutspur

Filming Locations:

Burghausen, Bavaria, Germany
(“Krakow” exteriors)
Bavaria Filmstudios, Geiselgasteig, Grünwald, Bavaria, Germany
Cinecittà Studios, Cinecittà, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Copenhagen, Denmark
London, England, UK
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
New York City, New York, USA
Paris, France
Sardinia, Italy
Sicily, Italy

Technical Specifications:
Runtime 1 hr 56 min (116 min) (USA)
1 hr 57 min (117 min) (West Germany)
1 hr 57 min (117 min) (original release) (cut) (UK)
Sound Mix Mono
Color Color
Aspect Ratio 1.66 : 1
Laboratory Movielab, USA
Film Length 3,201 m
Negative Format 35 mm
Printed Film Format 35 mm

$12,000,000 (estimated)

$5,366,000 (USA)

Filming Dates
November 1978 – February 1979

Production Companies

Bavaria Film
NF Geria III-Produktion München


Paramount Pictures (1979) (USA) (theatrical)
Cinema Internazional Corporation (1979) (West Germany) (theatrical)
Cinema International Corporation (CIC) (1980) (France) (theatrical)
American Broadcasting Company (ABC) (1982) (USA) (TV)

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